Dedicated inventory services for companies that work with goods and invest significant amounts in stocks that ensure the availability of products in their own stores, warehouses and work points, allowing them to better respond to market demand. A correct reflection in the own ERP systems of the stock of goods is essential to be able to organize an adequate replenishment (replenishment) at SKU level, but also to minimize losses caused by faulty management or fraud.

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Stock Inventory of Goods

Stock inventory outsourcing is a service addressed to retailers and logistics and distribution companies that allows them to obtain important benefits by subcontracting their on-premises inventory and stock inventory activities to a specialized company. Goods and stock inventory services are a modern product, available on demand, in any location in the country.


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All heritage organizations manage different types of assets that enable them to operate more efficiently and be more competitive. Correct asset accounting is essential for any organisation, with implications for accounting, tax and information requirements.

The outsourcing of the inventory of fixed assets and inventory objects is a service addressed to all heritage organizations with many assets and work points and which allows them to obtain in a very short time a correct situation of the heritage both from an accounting point of view and logistics.

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