Recruiting for operational employee positions in retail, logistics and manufacturing poses many challenges. The usual channels for identifying the right candidates do not give the best results, that's why IDTOTAL offers you a personalized service that will allow you to identify the most suitable people for full time or part time positions.


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Recruitment for operational employees

IDTOTAL has a long experience in operational employee recruitment projects and can support you by identifying the right candidates no matter how many challenges the vacant position poses. If you are looking for logistics staff, commercial workers or production line employees, you can turn to our recruitment teams and you will be assured of real and fast results.

Recruitment for operational staff

The operational staff is directly productive, they are the front-line employees who interact with customers or who make possible the production or logistics of their own products. Every quarter there are tens of thousands of unfilled positions in Romania, especially in sectors that involve manual labor. The losses caused by not filling these positions are very high and often unrecoverable - caused by the loss of projects or clients. That's why we now support you by offering an efficient solution for filling operational positions.

The operational staff we can recruit can be requested by companies active in the fields of retail, logistics, production, construction, etc.

We can identify suitable people for any kind of operational positions, all over the country. In general, the positions for which we had the most requests were those of commercial worker, logistics operator and production staff.

We have several channels through which we identify the right people for each position, from databases to referrals, direct interviews, social group announcements, etc.

Custom recruitment projects can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for simpler projects to 6 weeks for complex projects involving a large number of positions or special requirements.

The rate for recruitment services is set individually, depending on the type of positions for which recruitment is done, the number of open positions, the duration of employment, etc. The rates for these services are very competitive and the results obtained are far superior to the other recruitment options that companies normally have available.

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