The staff ensures the smooth running of services or production. Staff availability at key times is essential for the smooth running of the entire business and protecting profit margins. That's why IDTOTAL offers you the opportunity to order trained external staff when your own staff is not enough.

Outsourcing of Temporary positions

The outsourcing of temporary positions allows you to hire your own staff after an interim internship in which this staff was hired by IDTotal. With this option you protect your own employees, the recruitment effort is considerably reduced and you are sure that you will get the profile you are looking for for each available position. If the selected person does not meet the requirements, he / she will be replaced at no additional cost under the interim position contract.

Externalizare de pozitii interimare

Recruitment for operational positions

Recruiting for operational employee positions in retail, logistics and manufacturing poses many challenges. The usual channels for identifying the right candidates do not give the best results, that's why IDTOTAL offers you a personalized service that will allow you to identify the most suitable people for full time or part time positions.


Product handling services

Product handling services are especially useful for companies operating in retail, logistics and manufacturing. By collaborating with IDTOTAL, companies in these sectors of activity can respond to changes in the market dynamically, without the need to create new positions, especially for activities that are not permanent, such as opening stores, downloading goods (which can be done several times a week), picking for peak order periods, product transfer between warehouses, inventory, etc.

Servicii manipulare produse
Servicii suport inchiriere personal

Support services / staff rental

Staff rental services has become quite common in many industries such as retail and logistics services. These services fill the lack of permanent staff for short periods of time and allow companies to respond to changes in the market, thus remaining competitive. These services are offered in the form of support services for companies.