Companies that manage national marketing campaigns invest considerable sums in promoting certain promotional concepts and messages that they want to convey to consumers. Feedback from the field is very important on the correct implementation of marketing campaigns, on all channels used (both online and offline). IDTotal facilitates the process of collecting, aggregating and analyzing data regarding the implementation of own campaigns, as well as those of competitors, so that management can make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness of actions, strategy changes, planning future campaigns, etc.

Monitorizare eficienta campanii de marketing in teren

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Effective monitoring of marketing campaigns

Campaign monitoring involves gathering information from modern and traditional networks on the presence of own and competing brands or SKUs, marketing materials - banners, displays, stands, wobblers, etc. (POSM). We can also present the shelf display strategy with face count, positioning, consumer impact level.

Frequently asked questions about this service

Outsourcing market intelligence is a decision that product-to-market companies can make based on their marketing strategy, the retail channels they operate, their key performance indicators (KPIs) and time constraints, and budget set at the level of the calendar year. There are over 3,500 stores nationwide included in modern commerce, and each is a potential location through which you can generate consumer interest and sales. To these are added Horeca locations, hospitality, company headquarters, commercial areas, etc.

Marketing campaigns are necessary to stimulate the sale of FMCG products, but also of IT, household appliances, etc. Considering the very large number of locations where each campaign can be implemented, outsourcing becomes necessary if:

  • You don't have your own merchandising team or logistics staff that could take the information from the field
  • The number of locations you want to retrieve information from is very large, which makes it expensive to move your own staff
  • You don't manage a specialized field data collection application, making it more difficult to retrieve unstructured information

The types of information that can be gathered from the field are not standard, they are adapted according to each project and the campaigns we monitor. Examples of data sets that can be collected include:

  • Number of proprietary and competing POSMs present at each location with type indication
  • Number of faces per shelf
  • Exact or estimated shelf stock of own and competitor products
  • Positioning of own or competing products within the district

For each monitored indicator, relevant pictures can be delivered to support the answer.

The reporting for each campaign is customized, being adapted to the client's requirements. In principle, in addition to the raw data collected, we can also provide interpretations, comparative analysis with other brands and marketing strategy recommendations that could increase consumer engagement.

In terms of frequency, we can consider ad hoc reports, but also periodic reports (quarterly or monthly), which have the advantage of being able to show variation trends and allow adjustments to the marketing and sales strategy.

Our teams are already present in the field in most modern forms of commerce, having agreements with the networks regarding the access of external providers. Data collection does not involve taking personal data from consumers, and the information presented only refers to locations with public access (sales area). If it is necessary to obtain more detailed information (stock in the warehouse, sales in the period, etc.), a distinctly specified object of the research is required.

Data collection is carried out through mobile applications for smart phones developed in-house by IDTotal, which ensure real-time synchronization and the possibility to transmit in a very short time the result of large-scale national campaigns.

The price for market information gathering services is set according to the object of the campaign, the number of indicators monitored, the number of locations covered, duration, reporting.

From a financial point of view, we estimate that these projects justify their cost within 1-3 months by providing the information that enables marketing or sales decisions that can generate better market share and profits for customers.

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