Servicii suport logistica / închiriere personal și externalizare logistică – Serviciile de leasing sau închiriere de personal operațional au devenit destul de obișnuite în multe domenii de activitate, cum ar fi retailul și serviciile logistice. Aceste servicii suplinesc lipsa personalului permanent pentru perioade scurte de timp și permit companiilor să răspundă schimbărilor din piață, rămânând astfel competitive. Aceste servicii sunt oferite sub forma de servicii suport pentru companii.

Servicii suport inchiriere personal

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Hiring external personnel - the quick solution for the labor shortage

IDTOTAL has operational staff throughout Romania. Our teams can be mobilized at very short notice, at the request of customers, and can tackle tasks of different invoices: store opening preparation, arranging goods in the sales area (merchandising), merchandising food products, securing products, changing prices for promotions.

Get results without hiring

The rental of operational staff is a service that addresses all companies that have dynamic staffing needs, depending on the activities they carry out in their own or rented premises.

The support services allow immediate needs to be covered, without requiring the creation of long-term positions, thus companies are in a position to pay only for delivered results, without fixed costs.

Staff rental or leasing services are used by companies in the fields of retail, logistics, marketing, production and any other areas where there are dynamic staff needs.

We have a wide range of staff, who can take on very diverse activities, from arranging goods in the store, to unloading trucks, as well as merchandising/securing products, picking, arranging products, installing equipment/furniture, etc.

We cover the entire territory of Romania, both large and medium-sized cities.

All persons made available by IDTOTAL are carefully selected and evaluated, in order to fully meet the requirements of the positions for which they are chosen. The person's experience, the results of previous assignments and professional training are taken into account.

Making the requested people available can be done very quickly, from a few hours to a few days, depending on the number of people requested, the area in which they will work, the activities to be carried out, etc.

The rate for personnel rental services is determined according to the activity performed, the location, the volume of hours requested, the recurring character.

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