Consumer Surveys – Gathering information from consumers is a very important feedback process for retailers, FMCG manufacturers and in general for any company that works with the public. Through this service we want to provide relevant information for making business decisions regarding products placed on the market.

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Analytical data about consumers

The information that can be retrieved refers to segmentation data, preferences, consumption habits, motivation factors, but may include any other relevant information depending on the specifics of the customer.

Analytical services for consumers

Consumer data collection service allows you to connect with your customers to better understand their desires, purchase motivations and consumption habits. A mission to collect data from consumers can be done through interviews in the field, focus group methods, telephone discussions, questionnaires taken through social networks, etc.

These services can be requested by any company that markets products or services for consumers, from any field (FMCG, durable goods, medical, financial services, etc.).

Respondents are selected in such a way as to ensure a representative sample at the level of the entire population considered (consumers of the analyzed products/services).

Segmentation information (such as age, gender, education, income, etc.) as well as information regarding consumption behavior, factors that determine the purchase decision, preferences, evaluation of product/service characteristics, etc. can be retrieved.

Information gathering missions can be carried out at national level for relatively short durations, depending on the object of the research and the number of collection stages envisaged. A national campaign can normally be organized within 2-6 weeks.

The budget for such a project is determined according to the scope of the research, the number of respondents, the complexity of the questionnaire, as well as other factors specific to the project. For a concrete price offer, you can use the Request for offer form.

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