Consumer campaigns, companies from the FMCG field but also from other industries where the final consumer is targeted run campaigns for different objectives: customer loyalty, collection of information about products/consumer preferences, launch of new products, opening of new distribution channels, etc. IDTotal is the trusted partner of companies that want to run national marketing campaigns.

Marketing campaigns

Traditional campaigns involve the formation of a project team that, based on an agreed calendar, covers a suite of physical locations with product activations or direct contact activities with the end consumer. In addition to these activities that have an immediate impact resulting from interaction with a Brand Advisor, IDTotal can also offer a digital component to the campaign in the form of in-store activated coupons, personalized offers, etc.

Campanii de marketing
Marketing digital

Digital Marketing

Today's campaigns increasingly represent a fusion between promotion on traditional channels and promotion in the online environment. IDTotal facilitates this approach by offering complementary tools to traditional campaigns, which can ensure good visibility and promotion online as well. Promotion possibilities include advertorials, SEO and Facebook campaigns, as well as web or mobile applications.


Management of promo materials

We support FMCG companies to manage POSM materials allocated for campaigns. We ensure their complete logistics at the national level, regardless of the volumes or the complexity of the materials. Through a unitary management of material and human resources, we ensure the achievement of the objectives set for the campaigns.

Management materiale promo
Brand ambasadori si promotori

Brand ambassadors and promoter

We support brands that want to improve their relationship with consumers by building communication/promotion campaigns with brand ambassadors and promoters. Direct presence campaigns can bring the best results over other promotion channels, given the direct contact with consumers and immediate feedback.