IDTotal offers merchandising services with its own staff nationwide. Our teams provide the services of picking, replenishment, receptions, inventory, and other logistics activities, all of which are tracked through periodic reports. The teams are coordinated by Area Managers, who apply the procedure agreed with the client to optimize sales for each brand.


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Better control retail channels with external teams

The external merchandising teams bring efficiency to the merchandising activity at the national level from the following perspectives:

Elimination of shipping costs, with merchants located in every city covered
The possibility of using a flexible schedule, with hours allocated according to the load in different periods
Business continuity even during holidays, when incumbent agents are replaced by backup staff.

Effectively manage the last stage of the supply flow

The last stage of the product journey from the moment it is manufactured to the final consumer is also one of the most important in optimizing sales for FMCG products. IDTotal ensures that your products are present on the shelf in the agreed locations, in the agreed quantities and according to the planogram sent. Real-time reports give you a complete picture of your retail inventory, allowing you to implement corrective actions in real time.

Merchandising services are particularly requested by FMCG manufacturers, who thus ensure an optimized presence in the market and thus support sales.

This service involves long-term collaboration based on mutually agreed planning and activation. IDTotal will ensure a presence with well-trained teams in the locations agreed with the client, to ensure the achievement of all established merchandising objectives.

Activations are monitored daily so we can provide clients with real-time activity reports.

The freight arrangement and merchandising service can be provided on a regular basis (with an agreed frequency), or it can be offered on demand, with a short preparation period.

Depending on the qualification of the staff, the period considered, the activities required to be carried out, IDTotal will determine a rate that will be applicable either to the results delivered (for example number of products handled, number of shelves prepared, etc.) or to the number of hours worked (for activities where it is not very easy to determine rates on results).

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