Logistics services of inventory, personnel, merchandising, retail marketing, consumer campaigns and robotic equipment for logistics made available to clients by the IDTotal Active SRL team.

The Outsourcing for the inventory of fixed assets and inventory objects is a service addressed to all heritage organizations with many assets and work points and which allows them to obtain in a very short time a correct situation of the heritage both from an accounting and logistical point of view .

Stock/goods inventory Services - Stock inventory outsourcing is a service addressed to retailers and companies in the field of logistics and distribution and which allows them to obtain important benefits by subcontracting the activities of stock and merchandise inventory carried out in their own locations to a specialized company. Goods and stock inventory services are a modern product, available on demand, in any location in the country.

Active inventory services – All heritage organizations manage different types of assets that enable them to operate more efficiently and be more competitive. Correct asset accounting is essential for any organisation, with implications for accounting, tax and information requirements.

Inventory services are implemented starting from procedures based on hundreds of implemented projects, procedures that can be customized together with the client's team. Teams of inventory agents in the field carry out their work using modern software solutions, based on scanners that communicate wirelessly, plus other interconnected equipment, designed to optimize the workflow.

Inventory Services

Commodity companies invest significant amounts in inventories that ensure the availability of their products in their own stores, warehouses and workplaces, allowing them to better respond to market demand. A correct reflection in the own ERP systems of the stock of goods is essential to be able to organize an adequate replenishment (replenishment) at SKU level, but also to minimize losses caused by faulty management or fraud.

Inventariere Stocuri
Externalizare de pozitii interimare

Logistics staff

The staff ensures the smooth running of services or production. Staff availability at key times is essential for the smooth running of the entire business and protecting profit margins. That's why IDTOTAL offers you the opportunity to order trained external staff when your own staff is not enough.


Merchandising services

IDTotal offers merchandising services with its own staff nationwide. Our teams provide the services of picking, replenishment, receptions, inventory, and other logistics activities, all of which are tracked through periodic reports. The teams are coordinated by Area Managers, who apply the procedure agreed with the client to optimize sales for each brand.

Chestionare pentru consumatori

Retail marketing services

The activity of Retail Audit and mystery shopping is a modern tool made available to companies in the field of FMCG, the pharmaceutical industry and the production and distribution of consumer products through modern retail channels, with the help of which the managers of these companies can receive information in time real about certain characteristics of the market.


Consumer campaigns

Companies in the FMCG field but also in other industries where the final consumer is targeted run campaigns for different objectives: customer loyalty, collecting information about products/consumer preferences, launching new products, opening new distribution channels, etc. IDTotal is the trusted partner of companies that want to run national marketing campaigns.

Campanii de marketing
Automatizari de procese logistice

Robotic equipment for logistics

Today's logistics processes require execution speed and accuracy close to 100%. The increasing importance of e-commerce in the usual logistics flows makes the importance of automating logistics processes increase. IDTotal supports you in the implementation of automated systems for moving, sorting, transporting and picking products from any field.