Customer references regarding the services offered by IDTotal Active SRL. What clients say about our services is what represents us and that is why we want to cover all requirements with the utmost seriousness and professionalism for the fulfillment of all contracted tasks.



Manager Further Indirect & Manpower Sourcing Romania
Telekom Romania carried out the annual inventory related to the financial year 2016 in the network of 183 Germanos stores and 8 Sunlight warehouses with the company IDTotal Active SRL. The activities carried out by IDTotal covered in quality conditions all the agreed activities, at the level of the standards of the Telekom group. We do not hesitate to recommend the professional services of the IDTotal Active company in the field of inventory

Andrada VERDES

Chief Financial Officer
Starting from 2016, PPT outsourced the stock inventory services in the network of PPT stores in Romania (135 locations), Bulgaria (7 locations) and the Republic of Moldova (36 locations) to IDTOTAL ACTIVE SRL. The services provided by IDTOTAL Active covered all the agreed activities, being carried out in a complete and professional manner, ensuring compliance with all performance criteria and agreed delivery terms. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work performed, which exceeded our expectations.